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by Rosemary Calvert FRPS FRGS

"My affinity for wildlife has brought me close to the creatures I photograph and given me so much pleasure."(from 'About Us')

Copyright Rosemary Calvert FRPS
Painted lady butterfly on pink campion
Painted lady butterfly on clematis

Painted lady butterfly on sunflower

Painted lady butterfly on french lavender
Red deer, Richmond Park, Surrey

Fallow deer, Richmond Park, Surrey
Red deer at sunrise, Richmond Park

Fallow deer, Richmond Park, Surrey

Red squirrel in environment

Red squirrel amongst heather
Red squirrel eating hazel nut on fallen tree trunk
Blue tit
Coal tit

Red squirrel on fallen tree trunk

Great tit
Red oak leaves in autumn
image 200128807-001

Acer japonicum leaves
image 1447-297
Frozen beads of dew on spider's web
Fly agaric toadstool
image V3058004
Bumble bees on dahlia
'Ann Breckenfelder'
similar image 1447-272
Bumble bee and honey bee on sunflower
similar image 1447-269

Wasp on fly agaric toadstool
image 5005-221

Lily beetles on lily leaf

Painted lady butterfly on lavender
Ladybird on gentian
similar image 5005-115

Hoverfly on pink and white dahlia
Chalkhill butterfly
Bumble bee on lavender
Skipper butterfly on ragwort
Brown spotted yellow wing dragon flies
Hover fly on dahlia
Bee on zinnia flower
Spindle berry
Cotinus giggygria
Acer palmatum
King penguin preening

Cross spider on web
image 1447-160   
Comma butterfly on echinacea flower
image 200116310-001
Painted lady butterfly on verbena
image 1447-274

Small tortoiseshell butterfly on buddleia

Hover fly on convululus

Bumble bee on doronicum flowers
image 1447-174   

Rose sawfly larva on rose leaf
Privet hawkmoth caterpillar

Honey bee on astrantia flower
'Ruby Wedding'

Bumble bee on dahlia
image 1447-173   

Honey bee on potentilla 'flamenco'

Snail on the edge
image 1447-143   

Snail in dewy grass
Bumble bee on dahlia 'Fascination'
image 1447-271
Frosted maple leaves
image V3058061
American badger
Red-eared turtles, Brazos Bend Provincial Park, Texas.
Grey wolf
Portuguese man-of- war jelly fish
Mountain goat, Bugaboos Provincial Park, British Columbia

Snow leopard
Arctic fox
Yew berry

Bumble bee on dahlia 'Rexy'
image 200116303-001
Maple tree, Westonbirt
image CA_F08

Comma butterfly on Echinacea pallida
image 200116309-001
Cougar, Montana
image 1447-277
Dewdrops on spider's web
imagecode B3580 ROC
Two bumble bees on sunflower
images 200116311-001
Little blue heron, Avery Island, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Bumble bee on dahlia 'Karma Fuchsianna'

Nettle tree caterpillar on wild gladio

Comma butterfly on chrysanthemum
similar image B4238ROC

Polar bears, Churchill, Manitoba

Spider at centre of web
mage 10184502
Wren, Lake Texana State Park, Texas, U.S.A.
Polar bears, Manitoba
image 427323-001

Maple tree, Westonbirt.
image CA_F05
    Image 1447-170

image 5005-158
Grizzly bear, Katmai, Alaska
image 5005-203
Cross spider
image 10190031

Bearberry and lichen, Alaska

White Pelican, Texas, U.S.A.

Zebras, Hawangi National Park, Zimbabwee

Maple tree, Westonbirt Arboretum
similar image CA-F04

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